How to Whiten False Teeth At Home Using Chemical Free Methods

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False teeth, or dentures, are used to replace missing or broken teeth. As they become your new smile and improve the way you look, talk, eat and feel about yourself, you also flossneed to take care of them. Just like you would care for natural teeth, false teeth and dentures require regular attention to look their best and to make them last.

Why You Need To Whiten Your Dentures

False teeth and dentures discolour over time. This is typically the result of plaque build up from eating and not cleaning properly or regularly. As plaque builds on the surface of false teeth it will eventually harden to become calcified tartar or calculus. This substance will in turn take on colour from foods and form into stains. Coffee, tea, red wine and smoking contribute greatly to the staining of false teeth and dentures.

The Home Remedy Answer to How to Whiten False Teeth

Regular home cleanings can help fight off the development of plaque on dentures. Between scheduled (and often expensive) visits to the dentist office for professional cleanings, there are many ways to keep them clean at home. In most cases, the materials required are either normal household products or simple to find in a pharmacy or drugstore.


Salt is a bleaching agent and has been an old standby denture cleaner for years. Dabbing a toothbrush into salt and brushing is an effective way to whiten false teeth at home. Another method is to soak your false teeth in a mixture of a glass of water and a tablespoon of salt.

White Vinegar

One of the most effective ways to fight bacteria build up on false teeth is by using white vinegar. Soaking them in a glass of this overnight will eliminate bacteria and germs giving you clean false teeth. Before you put them back in after a soak be sure to brush and rinse your false teeth. This is safe enough to do on a weekly basis.

Baking Soda

This is a popular home remedy used in cleaning dentures and false teeth at home. Soaking them in a glass with baking soda not only cleans dentures, the active motion created when water and baking soda react deodorizes false teeth. Add to this the fact that tiny food particles are removed and you have an affordable and powerful cleaning tool at your disposal.

More Helpful Home Remedies

In addition to these handy household products that can be used to whiten your dentures, there are other methods that work as well. They include:


Have you ever wondered why your dentist keeps promoting flossing as a cleaning method for your natural teeth? That’s because it works to get at those places a toothbrush can’t with regular brushing. The same goes for dentures. Flossing them regularly will remove food particles that will contribute to bad breath and can assist in the development of plaque.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Rubbing hydrogen peroxide onto your false teeth while wearing gloves or brushing it on with a toothbrush is a very effective way to clean dentures. What makes this substance work is that it contains naturally occurring abrasive particles that gently scrub away at the surface of false teeth making them looking cleaner and brighter.

Denture Cleaning Bleach or Cleanser

Commonly referred to as a denture cleaning bleach, this substance is a cream, paste or gel that is available for purchase in drugstores. They are another effective cleaner and work best if you add a single teaspoon of the cleanser to a glass of water and soak your dentures for up to fifteen minutes. A complete brushing and rinsing afterwards finishes the process. This bleaching substance can be used to whiten false teeth at home quickly and easy.

Things to Remember About Home Remedies

Aside from being far less expensive than a professional cleaning, home remedies are not a perfect science. As dentures are porous any abrasive used on them may cause damage such as scratching and marking. When brushing it is wise to be sure to use soft bristle brushes and that solutions are mild and not strong. Watering these solutions down assists with this.

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Clean False Teeth Aid More Than Just Your Smile

Admittedly nothing can substitute a proper cleaning in a dentist office but for many denture wearers the cost of visiting the dentist for specific teeth whitening procedures is a major concern. Fortunately there are many different kinds of home remedies available that are affordable and effective. Following the tips above and keeping your dentures clean will make them last a long time which is sure to keep you smiling!

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