What Are The Benefits To Denture Adhesives?

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Many people as they age, will need dentures at one point or another in their lives. Once you transition into dentures, it’s also time to look at denture adhesives or the ‘glue’ that Man holding a glass containing dentures.holds your dentures in place. A new set of dentures may not immediately need an adhesive, however, over time your gums change and the dentures may move about causing problems with food and friction. Using the best denture adhesive will eliminate the movement of your dentures and cushion your gums.

Benefits of Denture Adhesives

There are so many wonderful benefits you receive from using a reliable denture adhesive. Anyone who has dentures should consider using adhesives to help the overall comfort and health of their gums. Denture adhesives should not replace denture re-alignments and repairs that are needed, but should be used to help keep dentures in place. There is a vast array of products on the market for denture adhesives. Below are some of the benefits of these products.

Benefits of denture adhesives include:

  •  Reduces movements of dentures
  •  Prevents sore gums from friction and food particles
  • Provides a seal to keep food from being trapped under dentures
  • Dentures won’t move or fall out while you are talking


• Some types may have bad taste or weird textures
• Not all work as long or strong as other adhesives
• Some products include zinc for added strength, however, if overused can lead to zinc poisoning

Using a Denture Adhesive

Using a denture adhesive is quite simple; it can come in a paste form, powder form or as a sticky adhesive and is applied directly on the bottom of the dentures to create a suction or seal to your gums. You should use it daily and as needed.

When you decide to use a denture adhesive, especially during meal times it aids in your dentures being in place and not moving around while you are chewing. It also aids in overall comfort of your dentures.

Be sure to select a brand that holds up for daily application. Also, beware that although zinc is a great glue used in denture adhesives, if you use it to often you can have complications from zinc poisoning.

Final Thoughts

A good denture adhesive will stop the embarrassment of teeth moving while you are eating or talking. Many have said if you find the right adhesive for your dentures, you forget they are dentures all together. It’s almost like you natural teeth!

I recommend shopping around and reading reviews of different types of denture adhesives before buying a specific brand.

A denture adhesive is a personal preference for many; it’s much like buying a specific brand of toothpaste or shampoo. Be sure to find an adhesive that has a strong hold, a taste that doesn’t bother you and it should provide a sturdy seal to protect your gums from friction and food. Find what works for you. Not everyone is going to like every brand. Luckily, there is an excellent consumer market for denture adhesives so you have a wide variety to select from.

2 thoughts on “What Are The Benefits To Denture Adhesives?

  1. Please try Sea Bond wafers!
    I am really sore from placement of implants; the wafers
    work so well for me; they cushion where my temporary
    denture presses on the implant sites AND there is no mess after removing the denture!
    I have tried all the adhesives and just will not be
    without my Sea Bond wafers!

    • Hi Lisa,
      thanks for sharing your experience of Sea-Bond Wafers and its great to hear how much you benefited from them. Sea-Bond Wafers are an excellent product being soft, thin and adhesive, as well as being easy to use. A few people have commented on how good they are after trying a number of other products unsuccessfully. The good thing is they are not messy which creams and gels can be.


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