10 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

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Today, we are going to look at the worst foods for your teeth. The foods that we love to eat play a pivotal role on our dental health and on gum diseases and tooth problems like gingivitis, tooth decay, bad breath and associated periodontal diseases. Highly acidic foods and sugary foods will eat into the enamel of your teeth and lodge between the gaps of your teeth, causing gum inflammation, the beginning of tooth decay and if you don’t floss or brush your teeth well, you may find you are even spitting out blood every now and then.

With junk foods making up a large part of our diet, its hard to keep your mouth and teeth clean and healthy with sugary, fatty sticky substances with these bad foods for teeth. Make sure you drink plenty of water to wash away food residue, this is something you can do any way as we never drink enough water, and remember to make sure you floss, brush, and clean your teeth well.

1).  Dried Fruit

Dried fruits are high in sugar and are usually sticky, which means the sugar gets stuck between the teeth and stays there for hours.This promotes bacteria in the mouth and will lead to plaque, cavities and erosion over time with consumption.

Dried fruit and lollies can be some of the worst offenders amongst the worst foods for your teeth. You can read more on fruit and their effects on the health of your teeth here

2).  Lollies Are Amongst The Worst Foods For Your Teeth

lollies are the worst foods for your teeth, bad foods for your teeth, worst food for your teeth

Lollies Of All Kinds Contain High Sugar Levels

Hard lollies take time to dissolve and chewy lollies stick to your teeth, such as toffees. This allows the bacteria in your mouth to feed off the sugar, producing acid and leading to cavities.

Hard lollies have the added danger of breaking pieces of tooth off as you crunch on them.

3).  Refined Carbohydrates

High consumption of refined carbohydrates such as white bread and rice is linked to inflammation, which leads to chronic diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Gum inflammation can not only be the cause of these gum diseases, but also lead to more serious diseases. Many doctors are linking such diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer to gum disease and the bacteria which travels down to the stomach and affects the whole digestive system.

This is when its really important to regularly brush teeth to keep them in a clean condition and avoid plaque buildup, tooth decay and expensive dental trips.

4).  Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are full of cavity causing sugar, but diet varieties also contain phosphoric and citric acid which can erode the tooth enamel.

5).  Ice

A lot of people love to crunch on ice cubes. This can break your teeth, so don’t do it! Ice is one of the worst things for teeth.

6).  Salad Dressing

The acid in the vinegar can cause serious erosion (remember vinegar is used to clean floors), so avoid vinegary chips, vinegary salad dressings and pickles. Make sure you clean your teeth well after eating foods high in vinegar. Apple cider vinegar which is used as a salad dressing as well as a weight loss aid, is highly acidic and regular drinking can erode the enamel of your teeth within a matter of weeks if you are  careful.

7).  Cranberry Juice

10 worst foods for your teeth, bad foods for your teeth

Cranberry Juice Is Highly Acidic

Fruit juices generally contain a lot of sugar, both natural and unnatural and which is extremely acidic and eats away at tooth enamel. Juices such as Cranberry juice can be just as acidic as vinegar and can wear down the tooth enamel over time, leading to cavities and sensitivities.

Make sure after drinking fruit juices, you either drink a glass of water to wash away the remaining residue, or brush your teeth.

8).  Wine

Not only does red wine stain your teeth more than anything else, the chemical composition of red and white wine is extremely corrosive, which can soften and wear away tooth enamel.

9).  Coffee And Tea

These two very popular drinks stain the teeth and black teas are just as bad as coffees. The rule is, the darker it is, the more likely it is to stain.If you can’t go without this caffeine fix, drink a milky variety.

10).  Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very popular as a natural and healthy weight loss supplement. Taken before meals, the apple cider vinegar assists in breaking down food more quickly and in stimulating digestion. However, it is exceptionally acidic and when taken in larger quantities such as a tablespoon or more, three times a day before meals, it will begin to erode the enamel of your teeth quite quickly. If you do use apple cider vinegar, make sure you rinse thoroughly with plenty of water to remove the apple cider residue!

But I Love All These 10 Worst Foods For Your Teeth!

I HEAR YOU! What, you are saying, but these are some of my favorite treats, they keep me going, my afternoon fix, surely they can’t be all that bad…!! Maybe you didn’t know some of these foods are the worst foods for your teeth or maybe you ate a lot of these foods as a kid, now you can do something about choosing foods for healthy teeth and ditch these bad foods for your teeth. You can save money from trips to the dentist, lose weight, get healthy and have healthy gums and perfect teeth.

You can read about these 4 natural foods that help keep your mouth and teeth healthy and fresh and also  whiten your teeth naturally.


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