How To Make A Cosmetic Temporary Tooth

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Need A Temporary Tooth?

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Do you have a missing tooth that makes you uncomfortable and self conscious when you smile? It may be a front tooth or a tooth on the side and  maybe you can’t afford to have it fixed right now because emergency dental care and dental bills can be so expensive… In this article, we are going to cover a cheap and inexpensive way to help you smile  and feel confident again. The temporary cosmetic tooth, do it yourself option can actually last quite a few months until you can afford to get a proper tooth.

How To Make A TempTooth Temporary Tooth

A tooth replacement can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars and when you can’t afford to have a replacement done, it can be distressing. Everyone likes to have nice teeth when they smile and a black hole is not nice, especially if you want to present a professional appearance without looking like a gappy toothed hillbilly! TempTooth make a kit where you can make a temporary tooth in as little as 15 minutes and cover that embarrassing hole with ease.

TempTooth include a link to a video demonstration to watch how the process works, as well as written instructions. There are enough beads ( 200) to make 10 teeth.
If you have very white teeth, you will not need to colour your temporary tooth. However, if you have discolored teeth you will need to be colour the cosmetic temporary tooth to match your own. Tea, coffee or Worcestershire sauce can be used to colour the beads. You will need about 10 to 12 beads to make a replacement tooth.

cosmetic temporary tooth

The process is very simple to do and users have all commented how quick and easy their temporary tooth was to make in a only a matter of minutes.The beads are heated up in water until they are soft and easily manipulated. Make sure you put them in a ladle as they go clear when heated. That way you can keep them all together easily. Use either boiling water or heat them to almost boiling point in the microwave.You have about 2 to 3 minutes of working time to mold the tooth to fit the hole.

Once you have fitted the TempTooth in and molded to the desired shape, you need to harden the cosmetic temporary tooth by putting it in cold water to harden.  The important thing is it must fit firmly in between the two teeth on either side. TempTooth is not suitable for a gap of 2 or more teeth as the temporary tooth needs to be held in by existing teeth. You can shape the new tooth with nail clippers or by filing if you want it to be a really close match in appearance to your own teeth. Many people have commented on how good their temporary tooth looks and others haven’t realized it wasn’t a real tooth.

Temporary Tooth Before Implant, Temporary Tooth Repair at Home,

TempTooth Before And After Temporary Tooth Replacement

If you have managed to chip your tooth and need a quick emergency dental care option, TempTooth can provide a temporary tooth fill for you. This is a quick, cost effective way to hide chipped teeth until you can afford the trip to the dentists chair.

Can I Eat With My Temporary Tooth?

Temptooth Do It Yourself Tooth Replacement Products

According to TempTooth’s FAQ, your tooth replacement should be popped out whilst eating, especially if you are drinking hot liquids such as tea and coffee as they will soften your tooth and cause it to change shape. However, having said that, many people do eat perfectly well, even eating a steak with ease.

Although the temporary tooth is not a permanent solution, for a very low cost you can get your smile back until you decide how you want to permanently address the situation.



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