Do Banana Peels Help With Whitening Your Teeth?

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Search home remedies for teeth whitening online and you’ll come across a whole lot of interesting remedies. There are some that have proved effective for a number of years such as using baking soda. However, you’ll also come across a lot of weird home remedies that will make you question whether it actually helps in whitening your teeth. One such remedy is the banana peel. In this article, we examine whether banana peels really work in helping you whiten your teeth. We will also suggest other home remedy alternatives you can use to aid your teeth whitening efforts.

The science of banana peels

On what basis do people say that banana peels are good for your teeth? Banana peels do not contain any nutrition that specifically helps with teeth whitening. At the same time, banana peels do not contain anything that will cause something bad to happen on your teeth. Most claims online suggest you wrap your teeth around with a banana peel for two minutes every day. These claims also suggest that minerals found in bananas such as potassium and magnesium helps with whitening your teeth. Unfortunately, you’ll have to take these claims with a grain of salt. First, your teeth do not absorb these minerals just because you apply a banana peel on them for a few minutes. You need to have the substance broken down and absorbed in the digestive system in order to really gain the benefits associated with the minerals. The three most important minerals for your teeth are calcium, phosphorus, and fluoride. Calcium is needed in order to protect your teeth from things such as tooth decay while fluoride is needed to help strengthen the teeth enamel. Unfortunately, bananas are not known for these kinds of minerals. Instead, they are mainly rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, and iron.

As you can see, the banana peel solution is more of a random hype than a real solution for teeth whitening. If you are serious about teeth whitening, you need to first focus on your dental habits. For example, you should spend at least two minutes when brushing your teeth (thirty seconds on each side). You should then follow that up with some flossing. Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that it is possible to whitening their teeth by using all these home remedies as their primary source of teeth whitening. In reality, nothing will change if they keep that stance going. Home remedies such as applying baking soda can aid your teeth strengthening efforts but they should never be used as the primary source of your whitening endeavors.

Other home remedies

So if banana peels are just a myth, what other home remedies are considered actual solutions to teeth whitening? As I mentioned before, baking soda does have useful benefits for your teeth. For example, baking soda has neutralizing properties. This means it can help with balancing out the acidic environment of your mouth. The abrasive property of baking soda may also help with scraping off stains on the teeth surface.