How Fast do Braces Move Your Uneven Teeth?

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A lot of people refrain from getting braces, especially when they see fellow friends or family members struggling with one for years and years. Unfortunately, there isn’t just one time frame that people could rely upon as the official amount of time it takes for braces to move uneven teeth. It all comes down to the condition of your teeth. For example, if your teeth suffer from severe amounts of overcrowding, there is a good likelihood that it may take a year or two for the braces to move the uneven teeth to their proper positions. If you are only dealing with a few crooked teeth, you may only end up having to put braces on for a few months.

Importance of braces

No one likes to put braces on. Unfortunately, it is the best solution for people who have uneven teeth. If you rather have crooked teeth, think again. Uneven teeth can have a detrimental effect on your future self. For example, you may face more severe dental conditions as your teeth continue to clash with one another. Eventually, you may suffer from painful conditions such as teeth abscess because the abnormal teeth growth has opened up opportunities for germs and viruses to attack your exposed gums. You may also put yourself in a disadvantageous situation when it comes to social situations. For example, people may find you attractive from a romantic perspective if they notice you don’t have aligned teeth. Although braces don’t appear as a tempting solution, it is something that just needs to be done. It is better to get it done and over with when you are a child. When you go for a consultation with an orthodontist, he/she will give you a time frame over the amount of time it will take for the uneven teeth to move.

If the main reason you are avoiding braces is because braces are ugly, those worries can be shaken off by using a clear brace called Invisalign. When people look at your mouth from slightly afar, they would never know that you have braces on. Unfortunately, Invisalign isn’t available for everyone as it is mainly suitable for certain teeth conditions. Another thing you can do to reduce your concerns is by testing different colors for your braces. Just before the braces are put on, a orthodontist will present you with a color wheel if it was requested. These wheels indicate the colors you can pick for the braces brackets.

It isn’t an easy decision to get braces, especially from a financial perspective, but it is important to understand how much of a positive difference it is going to make on your life once those braces are taken off.