How to Fix Crooked Teeth Without Braces

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One of the last things you would probably want to hear when you visit a dentist or orthodontist is that you will need braces. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with straight, pearly teeth. Some of us are born with crooked teeth that grow in all shapes and sizes. There are ways to fix your crooked teeth without the use of braces but that depends on the condition of your teeth. In this article, we have a look at ways in which you can fix your crooked teeth without having braces on. As many of us know, braces are very expensive so it’s always great to have the choice of an alternative treatment which is a lot cheaper. There are also several steps you can take home to fix your crooked teeth. However, bear in mind that you will probably see very little changes if you are trying to fix your crooked teeth at home. Regardless of whether you get professional treatment, your first step should always be to see an orthodontist for an evaluation.

Solution #1: Invisalign Braces

If appearance is the main issue, ask your orthodontist if you can have Invisalign braces instead of the traditional ones. No one likes to have metal bits appearing in their mouth when they smile. Invisalign solves that problem by using clear aligners. Invisalign brace are barely noticeable, and most people would only notice when they see you up-close. The cost of Invisalign braces is similar to that of traditional braces. However, not everyone can use them. They are only suited for certain conditions.

Solution #2: Dental veneers

The second solution is to simply cover up the crooked part of your teeth. Dental veneers help you improve the appearance of your teeth because you are essentially covering the front surface of the crooked teeth with a cover made of resin composite materials. Dental veneers are best suited for covering the front teeth. Although it doesn’t fix the actual teeth itself, it is a cheaper alternative for those who want a better teeth appearance. Bear in mind that you may need to have your veneers replaced every few years because they are susceptible to things such as staining.

Solution #3: Dental crown

Like the dental veneers, the crown covers up the problem. Instead of just covering the front surface of the crooked teeth, the dental crown encircles the whole tooth. Dental crowns are great for those who suffer from weird teeth gaps. They are a lot more expensive than dental veneers, but they last a lot longer. There are many different types of dental crowns. For example, you can get ones made of stainless steel, resin, ceramic, or porcelain. Each type offers its own pros and cons.

There are a few over-the-counter products that you can use at home to fix your crooked teeth but I highly advise against using such products. Make sure you at least receive professional advice before proceeding with any treatment.