Can You Get Braces With Baby Teeth?

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A lot of people start getting braces when they are in their teens. Baby teeth usually start to fall off starting from the age of 5 or 6, but some people don’t have all of their baby teeth naturally fall out until their mid-teenage years. In this article, we examine whether it is possible to have braces with baby teeth. The quick answer is yes, you should be able to get braces with baby teeth but this really depends on your teeth condition.

There are a lot of situations when the baby teeth will have to be removed in order to accommodate the braces. The first step is to receive a check-up from an orthodontist. He or she will be able to give you advice on whether braces are necessary, and also check for any other corrections that may be needed for your jaw.

Bear in mind that if there aren’t any problems putting braces on while you still have baby teeth, you’ll probably end up having at least two sessions with braces. One for the baby teeth, and one for the adult teeth. You don’t want to simply wait until all your baby teeth have fallen out because there is a specific period of time when it is best for an orthodontist to correct your teeth structure.

Although it may hurt to manually take the baby teeth out, the orthodontist will be doing it for a reasons (e.g. the baby teeth could be obstructing the growth of the adult teeth).

Long story short, don’t wait till the last minute and expect everything to fine once your baby teeth have all fallen out naturally. Get checked up by a dentist as soon as possible so you can get your teeth adjusted properly.