5 Cheap Ways to Strengthen Your Teeth Enamel & Gum

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Don’t want to wear dentures when you get older? Start taking action now to strengthen your teeth. You don’t have to pay for expensive treatments to improve your teeth enamel and gum. You just need to change small tidbits here and there to improve the overall state of your oral health. Most of the changes have to do with your lifestyle habits such as what you eat and drink. If you follow these five tips, other aspects of your teeth will also improve. For example, your teeth will gradually appear whiter as the teeth becomes remineralized, and your gum will also become more firm, hence, reducing the chances of getting gum diseases such as Gingivitis or Periodontal disease.

#1 Stop eating acidic food and drinks

As tempting as it is to grab a can of coke or a bag of candy, that must stop. Acidic foods contribute a lot to bad bacterial growth in the mouth. Acidic food also encourages the growth of plaque, which causes your teeth to erode. Other than soft drinks, you should also avoid food such as candies, and apple cider. Some fruits such as grapefruits are considered to be relatively acidic. However, these fruits contain a lot of great nutrients so it’s fine if you consume them. If you can’t stop drinking soft drinks, at least use a drinking straw.

#2 Use a water pick to floss

If you never heard about the water pick then click here to read our article on why it is so good for your teeth. The water pick will help you get rid of any remaining food debris that is still stuck after you brush your teeth. You will be seriously surprised by all the remains that come out from your mouth. It is a lot more effective than common dental flosses and toothpicks (a lot safer too). The device shoots out a small stream of water and all you have to do is to aim it between the teeth gaps.

#3 Brushing technique

The way you brush will have an impact on the state of your teeth. Harder does not necessarily mean cleaner. If you overdo your teeth brushing, it might actually have an adverse effect. Abrasion can occur on your teeth if you brush too hard so be a bit gentler with your brushing. You may also want to use a soft-bristled toothbrush, instead of a hard-bristled one, to reduce the amount of abrasion that occurs.

#4 Chew sugar-free gum

Unless you live in Singapore, it is important that you have a pack of gums with you at all time. The best gum to go for are those that are sugar-free. Chewing gums can be beneficial if you use them at the right time. For example, chewing sugar-free gum after a meal helps you rinse off all the bad acids that have been released by teeth plaque. If gets even better if the chewing gum comes with Xylitol. This particular substance stops the growth of bacteria that creates teeth cavity. If you aren’t able to brush your teeth during the day, get in the habit of chewing sugar-free gum.

#5 Drink water

It’s weird to think that around 50% of a human body consists of water. I know a lot of people hate drinking water, and rather grab the nearest juice or soft drink instead. However, it is extremely important that you get in the habit of drinking water throughout the day. Take note that tap water isn’t always the worst option. It really depends on where you live but in some places, tap water contains a lot of good minerals that distilled bottled water does not contain.