3 Steps to Quickly Get Rid of Really Bad Breath

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Bad breath is a really big turn-off so it is important that you get rid of it as soon as possible. If you have suffering from bad breath for only a short period of time, it is pretty easy to identify the culprit of the bad odor. However, if you have been maintaining good dental hygiene everyday and still suffer from a case of bad breath, you may have detective work to do. Bad breath does not necessarily come from our daily habits. Bad breath can also arise as a result of a disease or medical condition that is affecting your inner body. In this article, we reveal 3 steps you can take to quickly get rid of really bad breath.

#1 Brush, Floss, and Gargle

If you are already following a good dental habit, then you can skip this step. However, I know a lot of people who brush their teeth frequently, but don’t follow up with the flossing and gargling. Flossing is an extremely important part of maintaining your oral hygiene. You’ll be surprised by the amount of food debris that are still lodged within your teeth gap, even if you spend a good two minute brushing your teeth meticulously. Instead of using a dental floss, I highly recommend that you use a water pick instead. It is a lot more effective at getting rid of all the bacteria in your mouth, and it will make breath smell really fresh if you use it with a bit of antiseptic mouthwash solution.

#2 Identify the culprit

Once you have your dental habits in order, it’s time to identify what’s causing all the bad smell. The first thing you should examine is your eating habit. Bear in mind that unless you are talking about something such as garlic, it isn’t the food that actually causes all the bad smell. It’s the bacteria in your mouth that does the real damage. Some food can increase the amount of bad bacteria in your mouth if you leave it untouched. For example, coffee and alcohol is known to cause bad breath. Therefore, you should always have something such as a sugarless gum in hand if you need coffee throughout the day.

#3 Visit a doctor

As I mentioned before, your bad breath may arise as a result of a medical condition that is affecting your body. If you are eating healthy and follow good dental hygiene, you should definitely visit a doctor to see if you have any issues with your nasal system. For example, sinus infection is known to cause bad breath. When your sinus becomes inflamed due to a viral or a bacterial infection, this causes the mucus to build up in your system. Hence, the bacteria in your sinus will build up quickly and produce a bad odor as the mucus no longer transports the bacteria out of the system. One way to check whether you have a sinus infection is by looking at the color of the mucus you spit out in the morning. For example, green/yellow mucus can be seen as a symptom of sinus infections.