Natural Home Remedies for Painful Dental Tooth Abscess

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Tooth abscess is an extremely painful dental condition when pus builds up in your teeth or gums. Pus that forms in your teeth is known as periapical abscess and pus that forms in your gum is known as periodontal abscess. There are several ways for tooth abscess to form but the main cause is due to bacterial infection in your mouth. It’s pretty easy to identify a tooth abscess. Along with the severe pain, you will notice a faint white bulge appearing in the affected area. However tempting it may be, you must not pop the tooth abscess. If you do, it will lead to further complications and even more pain. The first step of treating tooth abscess is to visit a doctor. Depending on the severity of the abscess condition, the doctor will offer you several treatments. One way a dentist will treat your tooth abscess is by cutting and draining out the pus. You won’t feel any pain as they will inject local anesthetic into your gum. Once all the pus has been drained out, the dentist will use fillings to help the tooth healing process. When you are done with your treatment, there are several home remedies you could use to  aid the healing process.

Anti-inflammatory food

There are plenty of natural food and drinks that contain anti-inflammatory properties. One example is green tea. It won’t necessarily get rid of the problem altogether but green tea will help you soothe any swellings that may appear while your teeth is healing from dental abscess problems. Don’t go for processed green tea drinks as some tend to contain artificial sugar. Use a teapot like the Adagio tea set to make your own natural green tea.

Natural antibiotics

There are plenty of natural antibiotics that will keep bacteria at bay. Olive leaf extract is one natural solution that has been highly recommended by patients who have been affected by tooth infections. Olive leaf extract provides several benefits such as boosting your immune system and reducing blood pressure. The most effective way of using olive leaf extract would be to get ones that either uses a spray or a dropper. Apply a few drops of olive leaf extract on the infected area and let it work its magic for a few minutes. Good N’ Natural Olive Leaf Extract is highly recommended.

Salt Water

The good old salt water trick. Rinsing your mouth with mild salt solution will help you stop the bacteria from spreading across your mouth. Make sure you don’t gargle with hot water as that could aggravate your condition.

Tooth abscess can lead to serious consequences if not treated correctly therefore it is highly recommended that you see a dentist as soon as you identify one. There was one case when a patient decided to pop his tooth abscess out of pure frustration. The next few hours, he had a swelling that was the size of an apple. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you.