What is a Cross-bite and Do I Need Braces for it?

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Cross-bite, Over-bite, Under-bite… What on earth do they mean? A cross-bite is when your the positions of your upper jaw and lower jaw don’t match due to teeth irregularities. An example of this is when a upper teeth overlaps a lower teeth while the jaws are clenched together. You will notice if you have trouble aligning your upper and lower teeth together. If you are affected by cross-bite, over-bite, or under-bite, there are several ways to fix these conditions.

One of the most common questions that is asked regarding this condition is whether one needs to wear a brace. Unfortunately, in most cases, people affected by cross-bite will have to wear braces until their teeth aligns correctly. However, braces aren’t the only solution to fixing this problem. An orthodontist may offer alternative solutions such as surgery, expanders, or medication pills.


Unfortunately, the most common solution is to have braces on. If you are conscious about your appearance, you do not have to go for ceramic or metal braces. These days, a lot of dentists also offer invisible braces. How long would it take? That depends on the severity of your condition. It can take anywhere from half a year to 2 years+. A dentist will be able to give you a good estimate by observing the positions of your teeth.


Expanders are like braces but they serve a slightly different purpose. The purpose of an expander is to widen the horizontal distance of the upper teeth by expanding the jaw bones. At first glance, it looks like a mini torturing device.

Unfortunately, it will take some time to getting used to and you won’t be able to eat or speak as comfortably for the first few weeks. No matter how comfortable you may feel, it is a sacrifice worth making in order to avoid future dental problems.


Orthodontists only propose surgical treatment for really extreme cases. During the surgery, the surgeon would perform a procedure that will expand the space between your jaw bones. This method is most effective when the facial bones aren’t completely fused together. Therefore, the earlier the surgery, the better!

There are a few other treatments I haven’t mentioned such as the Delaire mask, quad helix, and clear align therapy. If you think you are affected by crossbite, go see a dentist or orthodontist as soon as possible.