3 Signs Your Blood Clot Came Out After a Tooth Extraction

When you have a tooth extracted, it is extremely important that you let the blood clot settle within the empty tooth socket so that your gums heal properly. However, there are times when it can be pretty difficult to tell whether your blood clot is still there or not. For some people, the blood clot can take a day or two to settle, while for others, it can take more than a week. In this article, we reveal three signs … Read more

How to Get Rid of the Tiny Black Spot on Your Tooth


One day, you examine your teeth and notice there is a black spot on one of your tooth. The black spot can be as tiny as a pen mark, or big enough so it covers a lot of the tooth surface. In this article, we examine why these tiny black spots appear on your tooth, and also suggest the best ways to get rid of the tiny black spot on your tooth. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if you … Read more

What Are The Benefits To Denture Adhesives?

Many people as they age, will need dentures at one point or another in their lives. Once you transition into dentures, it’s also time to look at denture adhesives or the ‘glue’ that holds your dentures in place. A new set of dentures may not immediately need an adhesive, however, over time your gums change and the dentures may move about causing problems with food and friction. Using the will eliminate the movement of your dentures and cushion your gums. … Read more

10 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

Today, we are going to look at the worst foods for your teeth. The foods that we love to eat play a pivotal role on our dental health and on gum diseases and tooth problems like gingivitis, tooth decay, bad breath and associated periodontal diseases. Highly acidic foods and sugary foods will eat into the enamel of your teeth and lodge between the gaps of your teeth, causing gum inflammation, the beginning of tooth decay and if you don’t floss … Read more

3 Magical Toothpastes with Awesome Teeth Whitening Effects

Have to pick from hundreds of toothpaste brands is seriously a first world problem. It’s just not the fact there are so many different toothpaste brands out there. Your product choices amplify even further as each brand segments their toothpaste products for different uses. Ultimately, it’s difficult to pick one toothpaste product as the best one because everyone has different dental situations. However, after doing a lot of research, we have shortlisted three teeth whitening toothpastes that have been very … Read more

Best Oral B Electric Toothbrush Review

Oral B Professional Healthy Clean Precision 1000, Top Of The Line Electric Toothbrush While the health of your teeth and gums ultimately comes down to how well and how often you brush your teeth (not to mention flossing), choosing the best electric toothbrush may have long term benefits. Did you know that there is a particular technique to brushing your teeth? Or that you have to brush your teeth at least two times a day to get the best results? … Read more